Scotia Sanctuary is a nature reserve between the NSW and SA borders. I visited on the 30th of September as a volunteer to help conduct my partners PhD fieldwork. I say conduct, which really means, digging over a thousand holes in the soil. This was a 2 week trip which I’ll retrospectively write about. The trip down was quite exciting and a lot of planning was done to make sure that fatigue wouldn’t become an issue. There was the first 5 hour drive to Wagga Wagga which was straight forward enough. The second leg (8 hours) was all the way through to Scotia via Hay and Mildura. Numerous spots of road kill and birds of prey it seems.






We were lucky enough to be able to check out the Mildura Country Music Festival whilst we were heading through for lunch. Off the Silver City Highway is the hour drive on dirt roads to get into Scotia. On the drive in there was a pretty fantastic looking salt lake (I missed seeing the one in Peru when I went).

Salt lake with tracks
Salt lake


We settled in pretty quick. The residents there were friendly and helpful. They were experiencing low water levels during our stay and also generator problems (meaning little to no electricity – except to keep the essentials running). On our first night we also saw “Little Dude”.

Bridled Nail-Tail Wallaby

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