Miami Beach is very similar to the Gold Goast and Surfers Paradise (of course, without the waves) of Australia. Its funny how there is a region called the Gold Coast in Florida, which includes Miami and there is Miami the suburb within the city of Gold Coast in Queensland. I say this because of the number of tourists in the area. In any case, I’ve found that this area is somewhat stuck in the 90’s, with all the 90’s RnB and Spanish music blaring out from every restaurant. Its a bit like stepping back in time, but not stepping back far enough (like back to the 20’s – 40’s where the architecture takes you). South Beach is known for its Art Deco buildings and while they are spectacular on TV and the movies, it doesn’t have the same feel unless you’re an cop wearing khaki pants, a white shirt, aviators and a hat. You’ve also got to speak Spanish, drive an expensive convertible, wear very flashy watches and jewellery, be OK with having wrinkly skin, sport a tan, oh and drink OJ and Bacardi for breakfast.

Of course, it is a lovely town and it is easy enough to get around. I stayed at Beds n Drinks Hostel on the north side of South Beach. Cleanliness isn’t its strong suit, nor is its hot water. Its strongest suit, not that it was their fault, was having a lovely guy in my room, come back at 4 am in the morning, turn on the lights, apologise (I’m not sure he knows what “Sorry” means), and then proceed to unpack and pack his things for 2 hours. When I say unpack, I mean unwrap all the plastic off all his new purchases he had made and yet to put away in his suitcase, thus all the scrunching of plastic. Great morning I’ve had =). I was due up at 6 anyway to watch the sun rise and get some photos in before it got too warm.










And I found this is Espanola Way



I’ve got a flight in a few hours to Lima. I’m somewhat underprepared for the next few days, but I’m sure it’ll be fine, after which it’ll be smooth sailing on the tour!

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