Specialising in most types of residential projects from additions and alterations to new homes and multiple dwellings. Also small commercial, retail and industrial projects.

Particular expertise is in sustainable design. (I am a building energy assessment consultant to numerous other practices). This involves the balance of sunlight and control, natural ventilation, appropriate fenestration, building mass, insulation, type and source of building materials and numerous other factors in the design.

I maximise the potential of your site and budget, customising to your needs. Flexibility, optimisation and value are all key factors in the design process. I like to design to allow options and versatility.

Your feedback in all design decisions is highly regarded and integrated into your home. I respect the individuality of each client and their needs and design accordingly; I never seek to impose a particular aesthetic, look or feel on a design at odds with the client. It is your home and I respect that. I will, however, ensure that it “all comes together” and works as a whole.

From the early stages, the documentation is in a virtual building CAD program. This means that I build the building in three dimensions in the computer, so that you can understand and experience the design in 3D; you can walk through or view from any vantage point.

Each design is unique and special. I aim to delight, not just satisfy.

Andrew Spaile
Ph: (02) 9369 5555


  • Secondary Dwelling